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Trait Conversion Services
Conversion ServiceProfessional Seed Research, Inc. (PSR) offers a conversion service for transgenic and other traits of corn that saves time, money and winter nursery space. The program features three generations per year in PSR greenhouses, use of Phenotype Select™ to reduce the number of generations needed to recover the original inbred and PSR expertise in growing greenhouse corn plants.

Phenotype Select ™ Advantage

95 – 100% Recovery

PSR uses Phenotype Select™ (SMF Technology™) to screen for plants close to the recurrent type. Our customers have found (in comparison to molecular markers) PSR selections of the BC2 generation to show 95-100% similarity with the recurrent parent and further selection of mature plant features in the field allows very close recovery in that one generation.

•   Speeds backcrossing by 3-4 generations.
•   PSR can quickly screen selected seedlings for traits.
•   Saves considerable time, money and nursery space.
•   Minimizes winter location space, maximizes transgenic isolation.
•   Push more products for the same budget.

Large companies are using PSR to reduce the pressure on winter nursery sites as well as a less expensive method to quickly complete the conversion. Smaller companies use PSR rather than create new in-house breeding programs. International companies find the PSR program convenient for transgenic conversions of traits while waiting for their country's trait approval.

Customers have found PSR's BC2 selections to be equivalent to a BC5 and BC4 selections to be equivalent to a traditional BC7 (when tested against Molecular Markers). Therefore, the BC2 recoveries are good enough for selfing while continuing with the BC3. Some prefer to receive seed during this stage to save time and money. PSR is flexible, allowing entry and stopping at any stage. Contact PSR for price structure.