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Rapid Inbreeding®
RI FieldRapid Inbreeding® produces inbred lines in just one year. Instead of the 4-5 generations of selfing needed to reach a reliable level of homozygosity before test crossing, PSR’s Rapid Inbreeding® can do it in three months. The quick return of test cross data allows for fast cycling of yield improvement within populations.

PSR uses its proprietary SMF Technology™ to identify plants that are inbred within a segregating population. PSR’s Rapid Inbreeding® (RI) program is producing thousands of inbred lines every year.

The RI Advantage:

  • Quickly produces inbreds at low cost.
  • Test cross in less than one year.
  • Fast cycling of yield improvement within populations.
  • Shortens time to hybrid commercialization.

PSR has also developed its own independent corn germplasm. A decade of Rapid Inbreeding®, from over 100 recycled populations each year, has grown into one of the largest inbred development programs in the industry.

In the fall of 2006, PSR Global Genetics was created as a distributor of these genetics. We're excited about the potential for this new venture and invite you to learn more at